because every dessert is a little decadent

Combination Desserts

Combination Desserts are Tasty and Interesting

If you are looking for something more unusual, or you wish to use your imagination to make something exciting, how about making a combination dessert? You can combine different desserts on the one plate, if you want to serve something crunchy with something soft, or something hot with something cold, or you could combine gelatin, pudding and fruit, for example, for a dessert offering a range of flavors and textures. Combination desserts are often colorful because of the different layers or ingredients which go into them, and that of course is another bonus, because colorful desserts are especially appetizing.

Combine Layers of Deliciousness

Whether you wish to combine gelatin with pudding, chocolate with fruit, or other ingredients, there are layered desserts which combine various ingredients for a perfect finish. You might like to try our fruit yogurt with cream dessert, or how about a dessert which combines peach gelatin with pudding? Gelatin is often used in combination desserts because it goes so well in so many different kinds.

If you want to serve a variety of desserts on the same plate that is also something you can think about. If you are catering for a buffet then you might already know you want to make more than one dessert, and that is of course a good idea because different people like different things. Maybe you have some sweet bread left over, which you can also team with another dessert to come up with something new. Leftover slices of banana bread, for example, can be combined with chocolate pudding for a luxurious dish.


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