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Easy and Versatile Gelatin Desserts

Gelatin is a really popular ingredient to use in desserts because there is so much you can do with it. Of course, it can be served just as it is, or made with fruit or ingredients like marshmallows. You can choose from gelatin salads, gelatin topped cakes and cheesecake, or other gelatin recipes. Although most of these desserts take a while to make because the gelatin has to be left to set, if you are using gelatin powder to flavor cookies, for example, you will not have the long setting time.

Tempting Gelatin Dessert Ideas

Take a look at some of our best gelatin recipes and discover how to make cheesecakes, cupcakes, cookies, mousse recipes and much more using gelatin. Experiment with different colors and flavors, and choose between using the flavored powder mixes and using unflavored gelatin leaves or envelopes. You can also get sugar-free gelatin, making it a great ingredient for making diabetic desserts. Healthy desserts like gelatin with fruit or yogurt are always an option, or you can make something a little more indulgent, such as a gelatin topped fruit cheesecake or an English trifle recipe perhaps.

Combine homemade mousse with gelatin and then add some whipped cream on top for an easy yet colorful and tasty dessert, or try making a gelatin pie or cake. There are recipes which appeal more to kids and those which appeal to all age groups. The great thing about using gelatin as an ingredient is you will appreciate just how versatile it is, as well as how simple to use.


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