because every dessert is a little decadent


Exciting Desserts for Christmas

Christmas is a time for enjoying food and drink, forgetting about the fat and calories and just indulging in all your favorite foods. There are sweet and savory recipes for Christmas, and you can make all kinds of desserts, snacks and beverages. We have a wide range of Christmas dessert recipes you can try if you want to thrill your family and dinner guests, and a lot of these are very easy. How do sugar plum sugar plum cookies sound to you, or a Swiss roll style chocolate cake? Christmas pudding is always wonderful, whether you make the typical English style one, a plum pudding, or even a chocolate cake pudding or gelatin pudding.

Sweet Christmas Time Treats

Thumbprint cookies, Christmas tree cookies and gingerbread cookies are all festive and fun, and these sweet treats are as enjoyable to make as they are to eat. Cookies are great at Christmas and you can hang them on the tree or offer them to visitors. Feel free to frost or decorate them as you wish.

If you have kids, making gingerbread men is a great Christmas time activity. Cupcakes are also nice around Christmas and you can make red velvet ones and decorate them with green and white frosting for a Christmassy touch. Cookies are also nice and you might like to make snowman shape ones or Christmas tree ones. You can get many different Christmas cookie cutters if you want to cut some fancy festive shapes.


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