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Pastry Recipes

Discover How to Make Perfect Pastry

Pastry is a staple ingredient in many desserts, so you might be interested in learning how to make it or how to add other ingredients to your pastry to make classic pies, tarts and other pastry-based recipes. Of course pastry is something you can buy frozen in sheets, balls or other shapes, but a lot of home cooks like to make their own. Different types of pastry require different ingredients, techniques and cooking times, and some kinds of pastry are a lot easier to master than others. When learning about making pastry, it is important to learn all the tips and tricks, and not just which ingredients to combine in which order.

Mouthwatering Pastry-Based Desserts

We have a tempting selection of pastry desserts for you to choose from, including almond pastries and plum tart. If you like rhubarb, you will also see some recipes using both pastry and rhubarb, such as rhubarb tartlets, sweet rhubarb sticky buns, and rhubarb squares and donuts. Other ideas include cream puffs and cream puff style cookies.

Even if you do prefer to use store-bought pastry, whether you are in a hurry or just prefer to use that kind, you can still roll it out to make pies, tarts or other pastry desserts. Some people like to use shaped cutters and cut leaves or other shapes out of the pastry to use as a garnish on top of your pie or dessert, to give it a charming homemade look.


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