because every dessert is a little decadent


Really Easy Pudding Recipes

Pudding recipes vary greatly and you can choose from classic puddings, bread pudding, rice pudding recipes and more. Choose from hot or chilled puddings, rich or simple ones. Of course you can buy readymade pudding mixes, or those which just need you to add some milk or water. Homemade puddings however offer so much more, in terms of flavor. They also look better, with a charming homemade appeal. Pudding does not have to be sweet if you do not have a sweet tooth, and nor do you have to serve large portions if you just want something light after dinner.

Puddings for Any Occasion

Our recipes for pudding range from the very simple and basic to the more elaborate and gourmet, because there are plenty of different occasions where you can serve it. Tasty, creamy puddings appeal to kids, while more exotic options like mango pudding would be great after a dinner party. Serve your pudding as it is, or add some whipped cream, nuts or fruit, depending on which type of pudding you have prepared.

Anyone can manage to make a delicious pudding, regardless of prior dessert-making experience, and the fact there are so many types and flavors to choose from is yet another bonus. So if you are wondering which dessert to make today, why not browse our collection of pudding recipes? You are sure to find something ideal for the occasion. A lot of pudding recipes are make-ahead, so you can make them early in the day and serve them whenever you are ready.


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