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Simple Fruit Desserts

Super Simple Fruit Desserts

Fruit is not only a dessert ingredient but it is also a healthy one also, which means your simple fruit desserts will not only be delicious but they will be good for you as well. Of course, you might want to offset the healthiness by adding some marshmallows, caramel, chocolate, cream, or nuts to your simple fruit desserts, but there are also desserts you can make just with fruit, such as fruit salad recipes, or you might wish to mix the fruit with gelatin to make a fruit gelatin dish, or with another ingredient or two, to make something else.

Types of Fruit Dessert Recipes

There are lots of types of fruit and you can also choose from fresh, frozen, or canned fruit when making simple fruit desserts. If you are using the fruit as a garnish, such as the topping for a cake, you will want to use fresh fruit because it looks nicer, but canned or thawed fruit can be very economical and perfect if you are making some kind of fruit crisp, fruit mousse or another of our simple fruit desserts when the fruit is combined with other things, pureed or baked. Apples, bananas, peaches, and rhubarb are just some examples of fruits which are nice to bake with, but you can also try exotic ones such as lychees or papaya if you want to make more unusual fruit desserts. Kids are less picky about fruit than vegetables, but even they will love our healthy yet flavorful fruit desserts.



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