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Apple Recipes

Delicious Desserts with Apple

Apple is used in many different desserts, and there is so much you can do with this humble fruit. Not only does one a day keep the doctor away, but you can choose from a wide range of sweet delights using apples. Baked apples, for example, make a healthy and delicious dessert, whether you follow a relatively simple recipe for this dish or add gelatin, raisins, ice cream, or other ingredients.

Our cinnamon baked apples recipe is very popular. Applesauce is another versatile recipe which you can spread on your toast or pancakes, use to top your cereal and milk, or even serve with pork. Apple butter is similar but thicker and creamier. If you like pastry with your dessert, our spiced apple and fig pastries might appeal to your palate.

Amazing Recipes with Apples

Whichever apple recipe you choose, you are sure to end up with something tasty. Do not forget there are several types of apples to choose from. If a recipe tells you to use a Granny Smith or similar apple, then the recipe will benefit from the slightly tart flavor. Cooking apples are no good eaten raw but cook them with some sugar or sweetener and you can make the most incredible apple mixture for a pie or pastry. You can also make stewed apple and serve that with ice cream or whipped cream perhaps. Other recipes do not specify what kind of apples to use, so then you may use whatever kind you want.


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