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Banana Recipes

Banana Desserts for Any Occasion

Bananas are a great source of potassium and they also offer a nice, natural, sweet flavor. You can use them raw or cook them. Bananas can be used in savory dishes. Try melting on into a curry instead of adding sugar, for example. They are also used in plenty of dessert recipes from banana mousse and banana pie to bananas foster and banana parfait.

You can wrap a whole banana in aluminum foil, perhaps adding chocolate, caramel or a splash of your favorite liqueur, and grill or bake until the banana is soft and the chocolate is melted. Sliced bananas are nice in ice cream parfait or you can use banana slices to top a pie or cake. Soaking them in lemon or lime juice first though does help them to stay yellow and not turn brown because of exposure to the oxygen.

Try Some Exciting Banana Recipes

If you usually grab a commercially-prepared dessert, you might be interested in some easy banana recipes that you can make yourself. Add a few basic ingredients including cream and sugar, and you can make a tasty pudding or dessert. Banana slices are also nice served with a flan or crème caramel and we have plenty of recipes for those for you to choose from too. Pair chopped banana with a coconut or chocolate flan perhaps. Because banana does not ‘juice’ like high-water fruits such as apple or pear, you can mash it and end up with a puree which can be used to thicken something or add texture as well as aroma and flavor.


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