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Citrus Fruits

Using Citrus in Dessert Recipes

Citrus can be used as the main flavor in a dessert, for example limes in key lime pie, or you can add a splash to any dessert to enhance the other flavors and add a touch of sharpness to contrast with an otherwise very sweet flavor. You can also soak chopped fruit slices in lemon or lime juice to stop it turning brown when exposed to the air. If you want to make the citrus fruit the highlight of the dessert, you might like to consider lemon bars, orange mousse or even a dessert made with pink or ruby grapefruit.

The Many Uses of Citrus

Discover how to make the best lemon pudding cake, or how to use citrus zest to add a zing to all kinds of different recipes. A strip of orange zest makes an attractive garnish for anything from a chocolate mousse to a hot rice pudding, so if you only need the juice for a recipe, hang on to the zest because there is plenty you can do with it.

Citrus is often used to make ‘lighter’ desserts, and this does not necessarily mean the healthier ones, although that is perfectly possible too. If you are serving a big meal and you worry your guests will not have much room left for dessert, or the weather is very hot and you do not want to serve ice cream or something which is going to melt, there are plenty of ideas for you to choose from, so you can incorporate lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, or a mixture of these in your dessert recipe.


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