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All Kinds of Fruit Make Great Desserts

Which fruits do you think of first when considering fruit-based desserts? The most common ones are probably apple, banana, pineapple and berries, but there are so many wonderful fruits to experiment with, especially if you are making your own desserts from scratch and hoping to make them as yummy as possible. Fruit is easy to work with and although a lot of recipes will call for fresh fruit (especially those requiring a fruit garnish) others will let you get away with using canned or frozen fruit.

Examples of Our Fruit Desserts

Fruit pizza is a very modern take on the traditional Italian pizza, where the pizza sauce is swapped for melted chocolate or cream, and the toppings are fruits and berries. You can be really creative with a dessert pizza, using any type of fruit you choose. This makes a great dessert for kids and actually for the grownups too.

Raspberry meringue pavlova recipe is another very popular one, and you will love this if you enjoy the freshness of berries, the lightness of meringue and the appeal of cream, all coming together perfectly in one bowl. Frozen fruit cups are refreshing in the summer, and a gourmet minted fruit salad is sure to impress your dinner guests. These are just a few examples of the recipes you will find in this section, and if you want to make a dessert using fruit you are sure to be spoilt for choice.


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