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Strawberry Recipes

Why We All Adore Strawberries

Simply the aroma of strawberries conjures up images of a warm summer day, and a lot of people would name this low-calorie berry as their favorite fruit ever. Not only are strawberries good for you and tasty, but they are also really versatile. You can use them to make mousse, ice cream, pies, crumbles, cobblers, parfaits and more.

You can even use them in savory recipes such as a fruit salsa or a spinach salad. Try making a fruit pizza with strawberries or your own strawberry jam. Add a splash of balsamic vinegar to chopped strawberries for an appetizer, or blitz them with banana and milk to make a really refreshing smoothie. There is no end to the amount of strawberry recipes you can make and you can often replace another berry with them, turning your favorite raspberry mousse into strawberry mousse, for example.

More Ideas for This Sensational Berry

Strawberries combine well with other ingredients too so you might like to make an apple and strawberry pie or a lemon cheesecake with a strawberry gelatin topping. Garnish a chocolate mousse with a fresh strawberry and not only do the colors look good together but the fruit will complement the chocolate flavor too. Strawberries can be used to make jams, conserves and jellies, and those can be served with toast or pancakes, or added to other recipes for flavoring. How about making chocolate-dipped strawberries for your loved one on Valentine’s Day? You only need 2 ingredients and they taste so good.


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