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Trifle Recipes

Trifle is Always a Winner

Which dessert combines a cake base with gelatin, custard, whipped cream and fruit? That would be trifle, of course. This dish is recognizable because the ingredients are arranged in layers. Trifle dates back to 1596 although the earliest recipe omitted eggs and just made a sweet cream mixture. The same name was used though. In the mid-1600s eggs were added to make a custard, which was then poured over alcohol-doused bread. Trifles contained gelatin from 1861 onwards.

Some modern trifles are non-alcoholic and might contain soda or sweet juices to keep the cake moist, while others could feature Madeira wine, sherry or port. The sponge cake might be soaked in gelatin and then it will set in the refrigerator. One of the best things about trifle, apart from its wonderful flavor of course, is how colorful it is, with the bright red gelatin layer, the yellow custard layer, the whipped cream topping and perhaps some sprinkles on top of that.

Our Tasty Trifles

We offer a variety of winning trifle recipes, including some which are deliciously different. Perhaps you are in the mood to make classic English trifle or maybe you would prefer something like our chocolate trifle, which is ideal for chocoholics who always like at least some chocolate to feature in their desserts, or how about the blueberry trifle with mascarpone cream? Any of these would make a fantastic dessert, and you can make them ahead too, so as not to be stuck in the kitchen after the entrée. Trifle is really satisfying and the blend of flavors and textures is excellent.


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