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different types of pumpkin pie

Easy Pumpkin Pie Recipes

What Makes Pumpkin Pie Recipes So Wonderfully Unique

Pumpkin pie is a classic dish and it is a favorite for many people. You can enjoy this wonderful dish warm or chilled, and even a complete novice in the kitchen is able to make a lovely pumpkin pie recipe for the family.

Interesting Pumpkin Pie History

The first pumpkin pies were made as early as 1621, when early American settlers filled hollowed-out pumpkin shells with honey, spices, and milk, before baking them in hot ashes. Northeastern Native Americans grew their own pumpkins and they boiled or roasted them for eating. It was the Native Americans who taught settlers how to prepare this plentiful and nutritious vegetable.

The first American cookbook, published in 1796, featured a pumpkin pie recipe with eggs, cream, pumpkin, mace, sugar, ginger, and nutmeg, baked in a crust. A similar recipe called for milk, pumpkin, molasses, allspice, ginger, and eggs in a crust. Continue reading

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