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heart shaped cake decorating ideas

Heart Shaped Birthday Cake with Strawberry Gelatin

A heart cake pan is a useful piece of equipment to have in the kitchen. You can make any cake in a heart cake pan, as well as gelatin recipes, pies and more. You might even want to buy a pair of heart shaped cake pans, so you can make layer cakes. If you are looking for heart shaped cake decorating ideas, why not make this delicious strawberry gelatin topped heart shaped birthday cake?

The cake is a white cake mix, and then you frost it with a sour cream, whipped cream and powdered sugar mixture, poke holes in it to let the strawberry gelatin sink through and decorate the top with strawberry gelatin, homemade frosting flowers and desiccated coconut. The frosting can be refrigerated for a week or frozen for up to three months. It takes a bit of practice to make roses out of frosting so you might want to buy some cake decorations instead of making them. There are lots of creative heart shaped cake decorating ideas. You might like to use silver balls, meringues, fresh fruit or chocolate chips and sprinkles on top.

This heart shaped birthday cake can be a valentine’s day cake if you like. It makes enough for six servings so if you are having a birthday party, you might like to make two. Continue reading

Heart Shaped Cake Decorating Ideas

A heart shaped cake is nice for birthdays, anniversaries, valentine’s day, or any other occasion when you want to make and present something extra special. Heart shaped cake pans come in different sizes and you can make heart shaped layer cakes, big heart shaped cakes, small individual ones and many different types and flavors. If you enjoy homemade strawberry cake recipes, what about making a delicious heart shaped birthday cake for a loved one?

Creative Heart Shaped Birthday Cakes

You can adapt any cake recipe to fit in a heart shaped cake tin but which kind of cake should you make and how should you decorate it? Match the cake to the occasion. If you are making a gelatin cake for a summer event or garden party, something light is a good idea, so you might want to look at homemade strawberry cake recipes and use the seasonally available fresh strawberries.

You can decorate such a cake with a white frosting and perhaps some coconut and decorate it with fresh strawberry halves and perhaps some gelatin to add a splash more color and hold the strawberries in place.

For a birthday cake, think about what the person having a birthday would like – maybe a rich chocolate cake, an aromatic coconut cake, or an unusual green tea infused cake. You can make any of these, and more, in a heart shaped cake pan.

If you are making birthday cakes, decorate them according to the receiver. For a child, you could use colorful fruit jellies and chocolate chips or marshmallows and ice cream syrup. For a more elegant cake, what about coconut flakes, piped flowers made of frosting or even some real flowers? Choose something edible, of course – beautiful flowers with perfect leaves.

More Decorating Ideas for Heart Shaped Cakes

You can really let your imagination run riot when thinking of cake decorating ideas for heart shaped cakes. You can choose the flavor, color, and size of the cake itself, and then decide what to use to decorate the cake. If it is a birthday cake perhaps you want to pipe some words on top or make some flowers or shapes from frosting.

This can take a bit of practice but it is not as hard as you might think. A heart shaped birthday cake decorated by hand makes a wonderful surprise for a loved one on their birthday and you can have fun being creative.

You will find that the more cakes you decorate, the better at it you become. There are lots of different homemade strawberry cake recipes to choose from and you can make any delicious decorations on top

More Cake Shapes to Consider

Heart-shaped cakes are very popular because it lets the recipient of the cake know how much you love them, and this is why they are so popular at birthdays, anniversaries and on Valentine’s Day, but there are many other shapes to choose from if heart-shaped is not the way you want to go. The most common shape for a cake is round, followed by rectangular or square, but you can also get cake tins in other shapes, or you can make your own shapes.

You might like to make a star-shaped cake or an oval one. If you are making a special cake and you want to make it in the shape of a boat, an animal or something else, then it is probably easier to make a couple of round cakes and cut them into the correct shaped pieces than to find an obscure-shaped cake mold and then manage to shake the finished cake out of it without breaking it. You can also stack two or more cakes on top of each other to achieve height.



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