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peach and orange gelatin salad

Bavarian Gelatin Cream – Peach and Orange Gelatin Salad

This orange gelatin salad is very quick to make. The gelatin is allowed to set before being mixed with the cream and fruit, to make a wonderfully fruity, creamy dessert. The Cool Whip is optional because the dessert is quite creamy as it is. It is more for the sake of appearance than anything, although you could try custard or vanilla ice cream as an alternative topping.

The peach and orange flavors combine well in this gelatin salad recipe and this is an especially easy dessert to create. Orange gelatin salad makes a light, refreshing dessert after a meal and is suitable for everybody. You could use sugar free orange gelatin if you want to trim off some calories because the resulting flavor is pretty much identical.

If you want to alter this Bavarian gelatin cream recipe, go right ahead. You can use any kind of canned fruit and any flavor of gelatin, so if you like to be creative, this is a nice way of doing just that. This dessert keeps for a few days in the refrigerator after you make it, so make extra and you have some tasty gelatin desserts for packed lunches or for any time of the day when you feel like nibbling on something sweet. Continue reading

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