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Trifle Recipes

Simple Chocolate Trifle Recipe

A Simple Chocolate Trifle Recipe

This is a simple chocolate trifle recipe that you can make for your holiday parties and more. This is the perfect chocolate dessert recipe for any occasion because it’s so easy to make. A few packages of cake and instant pudding and you can make this simple chocolate trifle recipe. Enjoy sensual desserts for valentines day with your partner. You can make this simple chocolate trifle recipe as a romantic dessert for two or a full blow dinner party teaser. There are so many great ways to serve this recipe for a simple chocolate trifle.

Simple Chocolate Trifle Recipe

This simple chocolate trifle recipe is absolutely beautiful in a see through trifle bowl. The layers are beautiful and the fresh fruit garnish over the clouds of whip cream is spectacular.

This as a centerpiece on your dessert table will draw applause and anxious guests as they wait to taste the first morsel.

It really is very easy to make and once assembled is a masterpiece in show. The taste is creamy and juicy with the fruit and whipped cream. It is a perfect dessert that is easy to prepare and lovely to serve. Continue reading

Easy Mandarin Orange Trifle with Vanilla Pudding

This mouthwatering trifle blends light, fluffy angel food cake with juicy mandarin segments, creamy vanilla pudding, and Cool Whip, to make a dessert, which is refreshing on a hot summer day and equally able to brighten up a cool winter evening. Trifle recipes vary but this one is super easy, thanks to the cake mix, gelatin and pudding used to make it. To save even more time, use a readymade angel food cake.

You can use fanned strawberries, blueberries or more mandarin orange segments to decorate the finished trifle if you like and maybe you want to add some chopped berries to the gelatin when it is partially set (adding it too early means it will float or sink rather than be suspended). Sprinkles are also nice for a colorful topping. You can either spread the Cool Whip over the top or pipe it on to make points. If you are going to garnish the trifle with fruit or sprinkles, it is better to spread it with a palette knife or spatula, so the sprinkles or fruit can be distributed evenly over the top.

The angel food cake is topped with the mandarins and the gelatin when it is not quite set, so some of the gelatin soaks into the cake. On top of that you have a creamy layer of instant vanilla pudding. Some trifle recipes use vanilla custard but instant pudding is quicker to make and tastes just as good. The topping is Cool Whip although you could use fresh whipped cream if you prefer. Another thing you could do, if you know how many people you are going to feed, is to make the trifle in individual serving glasses, if you have enough matching ones, rather than using a trifle bowl. Use glass or plastic, so you can see the layers of the trifle. If you are looking for an easy recipe for trifle, this one is really good. Continue reading

Fruit Trifle Recipes with Gelatin

If you like to make fruit trifle recipes, you will love this apricot gelatin recipe. Instant vanilla pudding, cake, apricots, and cream are used in this apricot gelatin trifle recipe and the result is great. This trifle recipe is loosely based on a traditional English fruit trifle and the flavors are very good together. A lot of apricot recipes combine apricots with other fruits and in this trifle recipe we also strawberry gelatin. Apricot gelatin might not be one of the most commonly used gelatin flavors in gelatin recipes but it works perfectly in this delicious trifle-style cake recipe.

There are lots of varieties of trifle, including strawberry trifle, sherry trifle and banana trifle, as well as others. Have you ever tried a trifle recipe? If not, you have missed out, because trifle is really delicious!

Perhaps you are a fan of apricot recipes, in which case this is the best trifle recipe you can make. Serve this flavorful trifle after any kind of meal. It is quite a festive dessert in some places, so you might like to bear it in mind for Thanksgiving or Christmas, if you fancy making something a bit different for one of those occasions. Continue reading

Trifle Recipes Chocolate Cake Chocolate Pudding

Anyone looking for trifle recipes chocolate cake chocolate pudding will love this recipe. It is quite different from a conventional trifle recipe because it does not contain gelatin but this recipe combines banana cream pudding with a chocolate cake-enriched chocolate pudding and these desserts are topped with sherry-infused strawberries, Cool Whip and there is a chopped nut and chocolate curl topping, just to finish it off in style. There is no doubt that this is an impressive looking dish but the nice thing about it is how quick and easy the recipe is. You can use a slice of chocolate cake if you do not have a chocolate muffin. This is to add another texture to the chocolate layer and to increase the chocolate flavor.

This is a great-looking dessert and it is also pretty simple to make! You can use any alcohol you like to soak the strawberries (or leave it out altogether, if you prefer). Madeira wine, brandy or port wine would work well if you do not have sweet sherry. Sherry is used in traditional trifle recipes though, so it might be nice to use it here, to give a traditional touch to this otherwise non-traditional recipe for sherry trifle.

To make the chocolate curls, you will need to chill a block of chocolate and then run a sharp knife over the top of it to make them. This is pretty easy. If you have chocolate chips, you can melt them in the microwave and set them in the refrigerator. This also means you will have a flat top to scrape the chocolate curls off of, which is certainly easier than using chunks of chocolate to make them. Use semisweet chocolate for the best results. Continue reading

Different Types of Trifle Recipes

If you are a fan of trifle recipes, chocolate cake chocolate pudding trifle might sound very tempting to you, or what about raspberry trifle or individual plum trifles? Chocolate pudding might not feature in the conventional English sherry trifle recipe but there are many types of trifle recipes that you can make, so why not experiment with a few different flavors?

The Original Trifle Recipe

The original recipe for trifle contains pieces of cake soaked in liqueur and fruit, as well as gelatin, for the bottom layer. On top of that is egg custard and the dessert is topped with whipped cream. This dish is traditionally served in the UK at Christmas, as an alternative to the much richer and heavier Christmas pudding.

Sherry trifle can be made in individual cups but it is usually prepared in a trifle bowl, which is a rounded glass bowl. The trifle might be topped with colorful sprinkles, chopped fruit, or berries. Trifle is known in many countries although the history of trifle tells us that it can be traced back to the eighteenth century in the UK.

New Ways to Make This Classic Dish

If you enjoy making layered dessert recipes, what about making a new twist on this classic dessert recipe? You can use instant pudding to make the custard layer – chocolate pudding, white chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding and banana cream pudding are all really tasty in trifle recipes, or you might want to copy the original trifle recipe and use egg custard flavor instant pudding for the custard layer.

You can also experiment with different fruit. Strawberry trifle and raspberry trifle are typical summer favorites but what about using canned mixed fruit or something unusual like kiwi fruit or gooseberries? Some of the best trifles are made by combining ingredients that do not feature in the traditional recipes for trifle and using gelatin and pudding means you can make wonderful trifle recipes without spending hours on them.

The History of Trifle

The word “trifle” originally referred to a thick cream mixture which was flavored with ginger and rosewater, and sweetened with sugar. This recipe featured in a 1596 cookbook. Sixty years later milk was added to the dessert and custard was poured over alcohol-soaked bread. Trifle originates from fool which is a similar dessert and at one time these two names were used interchangeably.

The earliest trifle recipe containing gelatin dates back to 1747, although many people are surprised when they find out gelatin was being used in dessert recipes so long ago. It is true that the flavored gelatin we get now is a fairly recent invention, but back in the eighteenth century, housewives would make their own gelatin by boiling bones to release the collagen and get to the gelatin.

Modern trifles are very different from these old-fashioned ones and we can make easier trifles than ever now we can buy readymade custard, already-flavored gelatin granules, and even whipped toppings. It is always interesting to discover the history behind famous dessert recipes though.



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